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Start Menu

It would be nice if the start menu in Doxcycle was even closer to that of Taxcycle. I find I am opening prior years Doxcycle files enough, and not requiring the Taxcycle file, that it would be nice if the prior years were available to pick directly as they are on the Taxcycle screen.

Any thoughts of making this happen?

As an example right now picking open in Doxcycle looks first in the 2019 folder. I personally still would open 2018 more frequently at this time.

Would be great to just pick the year to open from the Start menu as in Taxcycle. That is under the icon for the type of file, T1, T2, etc have the years cascade from most recent to most distant as the Taxcycle program does.


Or even let the user choose a default of which year to open. This time of year, I am still accessing 2018 returns (amendments, processing reviews, etc) instead of working on 2019 projections. Sure, I could use the Client Manager but outside of tax season, I don’t access the CM often.

Great idea. I perform a handful of projections and a bucket full of reviews, late filing, etc…

Love love this forum as it is great to hear the echo of others all working towards the same goal