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Doxcycle Folder

Could the settings in Doxcycle be updated to allow us to save files for 2018 now? I have been receiving 2018 documents for a couple of months already.


That would be nice.

I would still like to see a start screen similar to Taxcycle to allow access to a specific Doxcycle year with a one click option.


Realized that perhaps I wasn’t specific enough.

I am creating 2018 T1 Doxcycle files, but the default folder for saving is in the 2017 location. There is no setting to save into a 2018 folder, so I have to manually route to the 2018 folder. Otherwise, my 2017 folder becomes a mashup of 17 and 18 files.

And, given that this is Windows with hard coded file paths in the Taxcycle file, I can’t move the file to the correct spot now.

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It would be nice if DoxCycle was updated at the same time as TaxCycle is updated for the following year.

@Colan @Cameron
Was noticing that Doxcycle is not being updated in the area of folders settings. For all the modules, the last available year for the settings is 2017. Can this be updated please?

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Nice to see that was updated.

It now defaults to the 2018 year.

As mentioned previously: