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Doxcycle Version 5.0.28979.0

I see that we will be able to link T2 files to Doxcycle based on the new setup options. Would it be possible to add the ability to the other modules? Personally, I would find T3, T4 and T5 more useful than T2 since I have a working paper file for my T2 returns

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I agree that would be useful, to have Doxcycle enabled for info slip files, and especially also for T3.

I am also however considering using Doxcycle to compile the PDF of my working paper file…

I was setting up the options for the new Doxcycle and realized that there is a “bug” of sorts in the program. If I setup different directories for each year, you need a system similar to Taxcycle to open the other years. Therefore, if i want to open a 2013 T1 file, I can click open 2013 file. Currently, the open option brings up the current directory.

Since you have T1 and T2 (and hopefully the other modules linked soon) you might as well run the icons across the top like Taxcycle.

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Not to mention the fact I have Doxcycle files back to 1999. Maybe the first one should say 2011 and prior etc

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And well I am asking for the world, maybe a quick search option on the side with the client manager indexing the Doxcycle files.

And @Cameron , I am still waiting for that widget that you proposed that could create a 2d bar code that we could place on our own documents so when they are scanned, they are properly classified in Doxcycle.