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Can't "see" prior year tax files

Seems I cannot “see” my prior YE tax files via “open” menu. Not sure if it was the latest iteration of Taxcycle…but I could definitely do that up until recently…use “open”, then the dialogue box asks for the year …and the T1 files would show.

When I go to the directory itself, the files are there, and will open using the double click on the file icon.

I never had to set paths before…and always use the taxcycle default file structure.

Is it me (I did just tuen 65 so…) or did something change??

i would recommend using client manager to look at your tax files . Also i could be because your program is now set for 2019. you should be clicking on 2018 open files.

I always open the files the same way, and it seems as if it is the same way that you open them. I do not use the Client Manager for opening files, and I do not set paths either because TaxCycle is set to use the variables to set a default folder structure (this was done under Options–>Files and Folders).

If I want to open a 2018 T1 file from the TaxCycle GUI I would click on the yellow folder with the green arrow on top of it under the 2018 T1 area. Now that TaxCycle is showing 2019 as the default T1 year there are no files under that “open folder” yet.

When I go to the 2018 or 2017 or 2016 T1 “open folder” the proper folder opens with my T1 files for that year. Presumably you don’t get anything when you do this? When you click on “open folder” in lets say the 2018 area does it show you the correct file path at the top of the screen? I would start by looking at that. See attached image.

So I think it must have been the drugs or a brain cramp.Shows up now…and of course it just had to be confusion on my part

Oh and looking at your picture, I see I can actually “show more years” and go back though my folders like a real pro does it. :eyeglasses: Getting older…but never too old to learn

I hope not because I can’t find my client manager and I am well past 65. It does however take longer to learn than it did 35 years ago!

I bought a Windows 10 computer with a small SSD so I added a much larger drive where I keep data. I am trying to keep programs only on the C drive. So some time now I will need to teach TaxCycle where my files are stored; they are not in the default drives.

@obhorst Super easy to teach Taxcycle where they are.
Options > Manage (at the top)
Files and Folders> Client Folders
Scroll down and the window on the right has your paths.
Apply> OK

I did one, copied it, then pasted it into all of them and went back and changed just the small part that is specific to the type of return “xxxxx\T2\2016” etc.

Did my entire folder list in 5 minutes

Thanks, Debbie!