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Feature request - client manager

I have clients who bring in the odd piece of tax information or signed forms randomly during the day (often when I’m not working on their file). In the Client Manager screen, when you choose a client, there are icons to open or carry forward the file. I’m wondering if it’s possible to add an icon that will open the DoxCycle file associated with that client without having to open the actual tax return first? That would allow me to scan in these odd pieces of information without going through the T1 file first.


Yes, the doxcycle files are listed in the client manager. Open them directly.

From what I can see, @TimParris , you can only carry forward a T1 and link to a DoxCycle file from the Client Manager. I don’t think you can open an existing DoxCycle file from the Client Manager.

Another option if this is a more difficult solution to create would be a more robust Doxcycle organizational menu or its own Client Manager.

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I would prefer to have just one Client Manager. The DoxCycle file location must be stored in the T1 files since you can link to them when the T1 file is open. It should be easy to incorporate that link into the Client Manager. I don’t use DoxCycle for non-T1/T2 clients but if you use it for non-TaxCycle work then I can see how a beefed-up DoxCycle file handling system would be a better solution.

Sorry, I was under the impression that you were using tax files that were previously created. I did not realize that you wanted to digitize the documents before having a tax file created.

In any case, you can scan the files in as PDF. When you are ready to start working on the file, import the PDF within Doxcycle.

I do want to work with DoxCycle files that are already created. I just want to be able to open the DoxCycle file from the CM without having to open the TaxCycle file and THEN the DoxCycle file. The Client Manager only has a DoxCycle icon that lets you carryforward the tax file and link it with a newly-created DoxCycle file. That’s close but not what I’m after.

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So, you are asking to be able to CREATE a Doxcycle file from within the client file manager, as opposed to OPEN an existing Doxcycle file.

You do know that you can create a NEW Doxcycle file from within Doxcycle?


Sorry, Tim. No, I want to just be able to open a DoxCycle file from the CM without having to open the T1 file. I don’t think that’s currently possible but maybe I’m wrong.

You mean like this view from within the client manager?

Yes, that works but I normally have my clients listed in the “List returns view” as opposed to the “Client card view”. All I want is an icon in the List Returns View that can open the associated DoxCycle file.

I would have stumbled across this if I had been using the Client Card View for clients but I’ve always found the List Returns View easier to track my T1’s.

Thanks for your persistence, Tim!

Well since it exists in the Card view I would think it might not be that difficult to add to the List view. That is my view of choice as well so I second the motion. :+1: