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Slip Sync

Just watched the video on the Slip Sync and I think it is a great feature; however, I do have a couple of comments,

  1. It appears that that we only have one directory for the slips; therefore, I wanted to check that if I publish slips for different years, Taxcycle is checking the year of the slip to ensure the proper import in the tax file;
  2. How do you see this integrating into Doxcycle if at all?

I think it would be helpful if Doxcycle could check the same directory when we scan in the slips and then allow me to post the slip from the slip sync from Doxcycle as well as in Taxcycle.

This would allow me to same time checking the slip numbers since they are being imported and it could confirm the boxes immediately on import. Without integration, staff will be checking the slip and posting it and then finding out it can be imported from taxcycle.

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Answers, for discussion purposes, noted below:

Yes, there is just one directory for the slips. Each slip exported includes the taxation year as part of the extension… that’s how we determine which year they go to.

We would like to post the PDF of the slip to DoxCycle as well. Not likely for this year, as we’re running out of time before slip season. One idea would be to provide a notification of available slips in DoxCycle as well, and then import them there. We’d give you the ability to turn off the import in either TaxCycle or DoxCycle so you could avoid the duplicates. So you’d then have two options. 1) Import direct to TaxCycle, as we show in the video, or 2) Import to DoxCycle, and then post it to TaxCycle.


~ Cameron

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This is what I was referring to, Anyone using Doxcycle would need to have the publishes slip import from Doxcycle.

We run proof tapes from DoxCycle to match taxable income in TaxCycle, so we would definitely want an import to DoxCycle. For us, the second scenario would work best.

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Can you provide me with a link to this video. I could not find it on the Home page, Blog or YouTube.

This is it:


~ Cameron

Yes I do prefer this option as well

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For anyone, like me, that uses Doxcycle to post to Taxcycle, and besides that, uses Doxcycle to build a ‘client copy’ and ‘working paper file copy’, the second method would be the desirable method.

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