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I’ve choose the last month to redesign my process for my client portal which i use to deliver tax documents etc to my clients. It also allows them to upload the forms to my site. I use Doccycle and TaxCycle and was wanting to be able to attached the slips I’ve been given to the PDF of the clients T1 without having to save it to my desktop and adding the slips to the PDF. Trying to do it in one step but maybe that just isn’t possible

We use Sharefile with an Outlook plugin. That allows us to print the PDF to email directly from TaxCycle and then the Plugin converts the file for upload to the portal and inserts a download link in the email. Works really well and no saving the PDF first.

Yes that is what i’m doing as well and it works great. i was also wanting to get the copy of the slips attached to the return as well that are in Doxcycle. But maybe i’m going overboard in what i’m trying to gvie

I am not exactly sure what you are looking for, but have you considered printing the T1 to the DoxCycle file and then sending the client the DoxCycle PDF (which will open in any PDF program). Then you would have the T1 and all of your backup together.

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I’m trying to print the T1 for a client in Taxcycle and have it get the copies of t4’s etc and in Doxcycle and attached it to the printing file. but as i say this it is probably far to complex to do. Currently what i do is print the return directly to my sharefile account that separately load the tax slips i’ve received to the same area. Just trying to get it all done in one go

It sounds like printing the return to DoxCycle and then uploading the Doxcycle file would do what you want with just the added step of uploading the DoxCycle file. Have you tried that solution?

yes i have just takes a bit more time as the client copy is very short compared to my copy of the return in Doxcycle. I’ll play around with it to see if i can do it differently and get it to work the way i want it to

What my practice has been is to send them a copy of the Doxcycle file…

One for each spouse