Mass import of Slip data into T1's

TaxCycle Online Community,

I am looking to do a mass slip sync import into all T1’s

For example:

I have saved my Slip Sync data in the shared folder, and now I want to import into all T1’s at once.

Currently, I have to open each T1 and then import the slip data one at a time. Is there a way to do a mass import of all Slip Sync data into all applicable current year T1’s?

Thank you all,

not to my knowledge…

Just curious, why a mass import?

Thank you for sharing @BertMulderCGA

My line of thinking on the mass import is that it would be more efficient to do one mass import to all T1’s, rather than having to open each T1 and execute the import one at a time.

Please understand I am not arguing your workflow. From my perspective, I see value in the actual preparer, who is sitting down with the paperwork, being fully aware that slips are there to be transferred. In that connection also, I have my system set up so that also there is a PDF of each slip available for import, so that it can be imported into the Doxcycle file, without having to scan it.