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Review asks about T4A? (Newbie)

I have prepped my client’s T4’s and all is good there. The Review though, tells me “No T4A has been prepared”; AND,
the file wants to save to a T4A folder, with a .T4 extension.

Am I messing things up by creating a T4 folder and directing the save there? Why is it telling me about T4A’s?

Check your default folder in you r options. That is the directory the program is trying to save too. I think the default was T4T4A when I set it up. You may have changed the name going through your option setup.

As for the program asking about the T4a, it does that automatically. If you have not T4A’s just sign off and you are good. There is a request to have a better way of handling this but I suspect that will be a future project since they are trying to get the partnership, T3 and Charity returns done at the moment.

Thank you - all fixed up now. I don’t remember changing the options, but apparently I did.