Represent A Client Lockout

My team and I have all just been locked out of Represent a Client due to some security update. We’ve tried through multiple browsers, on and off our server. All browsers are completely up to date. Does anyone have a workaround? AFR still works fine, just getting into RAC. Thank you so much!

I don’t have a workaround but I would notify CRA, even by fax, with a screen shot showing that you’re locked out. It may help get some forgiveness if you have any late filing penalties.

Ok thanks so much that’s super helpful I just realised there’s another thread about this as well.

I have been locked out of AFR as well as RAC. Was working fine this morning but not now. Where is the other thread about this issue? How can I fix this?

The other thread has basically the same info. We’re all locked out and no one knows how to fix it. Yay.
Temporary workaround link posted by CRA!!!

Check out your RAC login page it’ll have the same link there

For me, the special link works for Represent a Client, but AFR and ExpressNOA are not working

CRA will not be extending the April 30 deadline

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) says its website was experiencing issues for up to two hours on Thursday evening, the day before the deadline to submit tax filings for many.

CRA spokesperson Jeremy Bellefeuille said that there was an update to the website on Thursday that resulted in links on CRA’s website being disabled, specifically for its Represent a Client and My Business Account services.

The issue is now fixed, Bellefeuille said.

Candace Nancke, a partner at accounting firm Loren Nancke, said the impact on the Represent a Client service, which allows authorized representatives online access to individuals and businesses’ tax information, affected her and many other accountants’ ability to file taxes.

“A lot of accountants are not happy,” she said. “Many taxpayers and accountants are reporting having to spend hours on the phone in a queue to speak to CRA.”

Bellefeuille said CRA will not be extending the April 30 deadline for filing taxes that applies to most Canadians.

Direct link to CRA login: https:/
Link to sign in partner login: https:/

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