CRA access

Can’t login to Represent a Client. If I get to the user ID/password window, I hit “submit” and that either turns grey or it proceeds to the following message:

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.

Anyone else experiencing this? CRA maintenance was scheduled to be finished 2 days ago.

Yes, I am getting the same thing. It was working yesterday.

Yes it’s down for everyone for both RAC and My Account

yep its that time of the year where REP client goes down once a week.

Strangely still working for me in Ontario.

I’m in Ontario also and also working for me.

It’s back up on our end now!

Back up for us too! We should make a permanent thread that’s just about RAC issues with the amount it goes down -_-

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Back to the unending circle this morning:-(

I had this thread open on one tab just now. Meanwhile I was on the CRA website . I got in and viewed the first information but when I tried to switch to another view, I got the unending circle so I switched back to this tab and saw your unending circle. Then I went back to the CRA tab and was able to get in another layer or two but I ended giving up because of the unending circle. This tells me that their web site is so overloaded, it can’t handle all the traffic so your own internet times out before it can connect with CRA. I was probably seconds away from timing out as well. If that is the case, we may see a lot more of this during this tax season.

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Yesterday was fine but today is definitely not working so far.

And now just a half hour later I get this
CRA ERROR.pdf (105.8 KB)
Another Error CRA.pdf (46.8 KB)
Certainly experiencing problems.

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