CRA is down FYI

Can’t log in as ourselves, RAC or do any AFRs. Can’t file tax returns now either.


I concur. Rebooted hoping it was just me somehow.

Precursor to strike?

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The timing is just a bit too coincidental. Either that or every H&R office is filing batches of T1’s at the same time.

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Oh good. Can;'t file anything either! T1s are failing in trasmission

I just filed a return for a client like a few seconds ago. I’ve also just rechecked, I’m able to access RepAClient as well.

Maybe everyone is filing their returns before the strike deadline? :face_with_monocle:

Yeah it’s back up now for filing and RAC now too. Nice. Here’s hoping that stays the case! Not the time for crashes

I haven’t experienced any issues today, am in rep a client right now & no issues…yet…

Can’t access AFR for the last several hours. ARRRRR

It’s back up for us now. Try it in an incognito browser. If it works, try clearing your cache in your browser

Again no RAC/AFR working

Interesting - just did two ARF’s (Toronto) had no issue?!

No problem here…been logged on from my server for ~8 hr and AFRs have been no issue, and just logged in to RAC from a separate PC without problem.

Anyone else not able to file or get into RAC? RAC has been up and down all morning but filing system is now failing too. Let the strike games begin!

yup to both just now.

CRA My Account, Represent a Client, and My Service Canada Account are all offline.

Maybe they can’t wait until 9pm. :roll_eyes:

They could have left the system running :frowning:
Nothing stopped them from that.

Someone had to push the keyboard to annoy everyone.

It’s back again. Kinda. Got some returns filed but couldn’t download the NOAs.

they both just came back for us. QUICK, DO ALL THE THINGS lol

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