Recalculate glitches

I’ve had a few issues with the recalculate. It would be nice to be able to force a recalculate.

Example, I printed a set of forms for signature, including the Quebec return. Unbeknownst to me, the return was recalculated when I reopened to file, once the forms were signed, and there no longer was an amount owing on Schedule K. The return was transmitted without realizing that the bottom line had changed in the week while the forms were in the post.

What gives?

I have not had any issues with he recalculate. The only file I had something similar to that occurring was user error where I likely did not save it in error.

Now I never file a T1 without checking the taxes owing on the T183 to the program since I did exactly what you mentioned several years back and then had to fix it.

At least you have refile now to fix it easily.

I have found at least 5 files change on me this year after printing and waiting for signatures. All had pension splitting and foreign tax credits. I haven’t had any others jump on my thread and rant about it so I assumed it may have been related to a one off version I was using for a while. It did make me realize however that I would like the ability to lock the file on printing.

Which is why the balance owing needs to be checked against the signed T183 prior to filing. You never know when one of the three happen;

  1. You forgot to save;
  2. Someone else in your office made a change after you printed;
  3. The program calculation was updated and the balance changed.

@TimParris, have you checked the history of the file to see what version you printed from and whether there is a save after the print job? Look for the day you printed it and then saved the file. If you do not see it, it could indicate that the save was missed.

@Arliss, You can do the same to determine which version was the problem.

Schedule k is Quebec. No refile.

That is too bad. Did you check the history to see the steps that happened?

You have made me think I might have done it to myself. If it was around the time of the REFILE release I may have opened and saved to clear the little red exclamation point. I think I would like the ability to have the file lock on printing to save me from myself. :grin:

Shift+F2 will force a recalculate.

I am with you!
Would absolutely love to lock the file on printing!
I have asked for this but been advised there are few wanting it and there are too many options now!
However, there are at least 2 of us wanting this!
I have had at least 2 files that data changed on me. (These are the ones I caught anyway.)

It seems taxcycle wants you to work on the file and then efile it one at a time before closing the file. Then the file locks and a snapshot is taken after Efile. This is the perfect scenario within taxcylce.
When you get outside that perfect, I find little problems and glitches like this.

Anyway, thats my 2 cents.

This lack of file locking and no snapshot after printing has been an ongoing issue I have fought with all tax season.

Overall, I am very pleased with the product. I hope there may be someone listening out there???


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A snapshot on printing is already available. Start with the CRA Condensed print set, copy it, rename it, add any forms you want and then tick the box… I’ll make this easier to configure in the next little while,

We are going to allow for lock on printing as well. It will be configurable on a print set by print set basis. Watch for it over the summer.

~ Cameron

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So this would lock everything but the transmit? Or are you intending that thy unlock to file? if so, you may need to have to build the unlock into the transmit button

Thanks very much for pointing this out!

I will definitely use this next filing season.

Now, if I could only lock the file on printing!

Thanks so much for your help!!


I see where you guys and gals are coming from; however, I can see all kinds of problems regarding this. You print it and the file locks, unless you can file the return as printed with no changes, you run the risk of a recalculation of the file prior to filing once you unlock it resulting in the amount changing. What happens if Taxcycle fixes a calculation due to a CRA or provincial mandate between the printing and filing which changes the balance owing?

If your purpose is to ensure nothing has changed from printing to filing, would it also be efficient for Taxcycle to always take an as printed snapshot linked to your final print job for the client. When you open the Eile for filing later on, the program can check say the taxes payable in the snapshot against the current taxes payable alerting the user that something has changed. They could also look at certain total lines in the snapshot like line 150 for changes that do not affect the balance owing.

Taxcycle could also alert you if there is no printed snapshot to compare against and maybe tell you if there are multiple “final print” snapshots.

Personally, I think this is a much better system than locking the file after printing since those files that do not change are always good to go, and those that have differences give you a change to review it and sign off prior to sending. Regardless of the system, I will continue to compare the signed T183 to the online one prior to filing. That brings me to something I would prefer to see, when I confirm the signature to file a T1, I would like the T183 to display prior to transmit so I can check the numbers

And once a file is locked, I should not see error messages when I open the file later on because of changes

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Small comment…

About 60% of my clients no longer come in to sign the papers. So it can be
a day or two between printing and signing, or 20 days for the Yukon
clients. I usually post-date the date on the T183/TP1000 to accommodate the
delay in signature.

However, I have found that I can lock the file (manually) once the
T183/TP1000 has been printed, then return to the file to efile without
unlocking. I can change the file status on the info screen as well, even
though the file is locked.


You won’t need to generally need unlock the file to transmit the return. We will however, give you a warning if an update to the calculations causes the return to change in any way that affects the filing, allowing for configurable tolerances.

We’re working on the exact details of how we’ll deal with this, and plan to share more well in advance of next season.

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Thanks for this Cameron.

I really appreciate it.

This will make next tax season so much easier for our office.