I tend to have quite a few returns completed, except for the actual filing, and out the door previous to the the EFile season officially opening. The change to the program causing the letter template to reflect language for a “paper filed” return in this period is a problem.

Please change it back to the way it has been every other year so we do not have to edit every letter manually to reflect the actual situation of an Efiled return.

All i do is print out the t183 and give them a copy with it saying that in truth it will be mailed in but tell my clients that once it opens their return will be efiled . All my clients understand, and most do not even read the package i give them. Hope this helps you

I would not consider that an acceptable solution.

Just so you know i give them the whole package for t1 and make sure they sign the t183 for me and explain that because of the fact efile is not open right now . I tell them that it will be efiled on the 22th.With the number of clients i have they are fine with it.

I will still hope for change but for now I have an acceptable paragraph saved for cutting and pasting into the client letter.

@Arliss I looked into this for you and nothing has changed in our handling of this in prior years. We think the difference is that we usually have EFILE certification before now. This year the certification process is dragging on a little bit because we’re still working on implementing some new CRA requirements for reporting e-signatures on the T183.

Ah. No problem. Will use my hack for now.