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Anybody having issues with the ReFile system? I have only been able to successfully ReFile one return. I’ve been getting errors from “The CRA cannot process the ReFILE due to system constraints. If the entries are correct, please send a paper T1 Adjustment form and attach all pertinent slips and receipts”

To “This Adjustment cannot be transmitted to the CRA using ReFILE since the requirements aren’t met or an exclusion applies”. The funny thing about this error is that the Refile worksheet lists no exclusions or unmet requirements. And the spouses return was ReFILED successfully for the same adjustment.

I also had similar issues. My solution was to skip the ReFile and logon to RepClient and file an adjustment that way…still too busy on my end to play
with it.


Had the same problem. What I discovered in 2 cases was that the CRA already had another reassessment that was processing for the same client. So, I tried waiting until the reassessments were complete, and then I refiled again. Worked perfect. This was successful for both my clients. Just saying. Don’t know if its the case everytime.