RC59 Authorization

We have a client that has employees on their T777. We are working on the T4’s but do not have access to the clients BN. We have had him sign an RC59.

Is there a way to transmit the RC59 or does it have to be sent to the department?


You can use Represent a Client to upload the RC59, although they would prefer the client sign the authorization in the CRA format that is included in the Represent a Client routine.

Log into Represent a Client
At the Welcome (Access Client Information) Screen you would scroll down to Administration (click on Review & Update). Under your Repid or Business (depending on your Rep a Client Access) click on your Repid name or business name, then under “Business Clients” select Authorization Request, then “Add Authorization Request”. Complete the information and have the client sign.
Once the Client has signed the form you go the same area, where it will show the pending authorization request. You scan and upload the sign consent form. Generally, after a few days you will have online access if everything checks out.

Alternately, the T2 module will allow you to Electronically File the RC59.
Since your client is not a Corporation, you can fake out the software, by putting the Client’s business information into the appropriate areas and electronically file the RC59. I have done this on a few occasions and find that it works well. After Electronically filing the RC59 you gain immediate access to the clients business accounts through Represent a Client. A word of caution with this, the information you submit needs to exactly match with what the CRA has in their records, or else your RC59 submission will return an efile error and you must try again.

Here is part of a discussion on this.

Here is some info on Electronically submitting the RC59 in TaxCycle

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Thank you. I will give it a try in the T2 first. I do have the authorization signed.


To transmit under the T2 system, you must use the prescribed format which is available in the T2 software. You can’t use the RC59.


You stated the following:-
“We have a client that has employees on their T777. We are working on the T4’s but do not have access to the clients BN.”

Could you please clarify the following:-

  1. Does your client have employees who are claiming Employment Expenses on the Employee’s T1, T777?

  2. If so, then are you preparing the T2200 Conditions of Employment?

  3. Did you know that CRA is pre and post assessment reviewing T777 and requiring Employers to provide detailed statements of payments to employees claiming employment expenses including:-

A. Amounts and reasons paid as taxable benefits.
B. Amounts and reasons for reimbursed benefits.
C. Duties and responsibilities
D. and more


If I was to hazard a guess… I would say that Garth’s client is an employee themselves who has hired their own assistants or substitutes. At least that is the way I read his question.


Thank you for your clarification. It was helpful and informative. I have not encountered that situation yet.

The client is an employee receiving a commission in the $100,000’s. He receives a T4 and the T2200 annually. He is quite successful and the support staff is quite busy.