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Sole Prop Business Authorization

New to T1 TaxCycle.

I have prepared a T1 for a sole prop with a business number. I used to use ProFile for my T1’s and they had a Business Authorization for T1’s that you can submit the same as the Authorize Rep form but was just for the Business. Does that exist in TaxCycle? I can’t find anything about it. It was called BusAuth in ProFile.


I don’t think we have T1 Business Authorization in Taxcycle. Instead your clients can authorize you online through My Business Account.

If your clients don’t have access to My Business Account, you can send business authorization requests electronically through Represent a Client, For a request to be completed, you must provide all required information, submit the certification page signed by your client. After the CRA receives the electronic authorization request and certification page, the information will be reviewed, validated, and processed within five business days.

Pleases see the link below for more detail.

I use Profile software. The current T1 module for business authorization is called “RC59Efile”.
I’m surprised that TaxCycle doesn’t support this, forcing you to submit using RAC or using the T2 module.


@justyn @kozakworld

I thought TaxCycle had that capability in prior years? But, I can’t find it anymore. There is a spot on the Engagement worksheet where you can specify “Bus Rep” - as either “already filed with CRA” or “RC59 no online access”. Not sure if that does anything.

I’ve never used TaxCycle to file a business authorization. Even from the T2 module I couldn’t get it to work. For instance, if you don’t have the exact spelling of the name of the contact person that CRA has on file, it won’t work. But, if you do the authorization online (via RAC), you can specify “Owner update required” and the authorization will go through.

The hack described in this thread still works.

Just to shed some light on this. All of your comments are correct.
RC59 and RC59X efile was introduced about an year ago to TaxCycle’s T2 module as part of the T2 certification with the CRA. Currently, this feature is available only in the T2 module. Our plan is to extend the efile capability to other applicable modules (T1, T3 and T5013).