RC59 for Online Consent

I just read the release notes on the latest version of TaxCycle and see that we have an RC59 solution again to gain online access to client accounts. This is great news!

Just to confirm my understanding before I roll this out at our firm, it looks like there are no downsides or limitations associated with using the new RC59OnlineConsent form in TaxCycle T2 versus gaining authorization through the cumbersome route the CRA has been forcing us to use through Represent a Client for online access?


Is this really so?

Just tried my first RC59, and am running into 2 error messages:

  1. Signature authority name does not match
  2. Invalid international phone number

Am positive I have the name correct, and not sure why it does not like the phone number format. Has anyone else run into this?

(should note that Taxcycle seems to be picking up the wrong phone number field though, as in the certification area it returns the preparer phone number)

By the way, seems like RAC is down again…


We plan to do a release today to address the issue #2. For issue #1, it sounds like the certifier name in Part 5 of RC59OnlineConsent form doesn’t match the CRA record.


Hi Steven,

Any chance you could provide your comments on my initial question in this thread? Per Dominique’s post above it seemed like CRA was moving away from RC59s for online access, surprised (and happy!) to see this change if we can eliminate the Rep-A-Client authorization procedure they were forcing us to use.

Sure. I don’t see downsides (maybe one small thing, I will mention at the bottom). The existing copy of official RC59 only gives phone/fax access and must be mailed so that was very inefficient. Gaining access via Rep-A-Client, you already mentioned, is cumbersome. Now, with RC59Online transmission, you get instant access.

One thing to note is that (this might be the downside or perhaps more inconvenience), before you can electronically submit RC59, you must print RC59TransmissionConsent form which has to to be dated and signed by your client. (similar to T183) This has to be kept on file for 6 years from the date transmitted (The CRA may ask for a copy later). So, you will need to take this into account when you incorporate RC59Online transmission as part of your firm workflow.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks Steven! That answers all of my questions – just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything before I start sending emails to staff.

We are close to releasing a patch today to address some issues with RC59 transmission so I would advise you to wait until that release is out today. Thanks for your patience.