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RC59 EFILE for T1 module

I see that with the TaxCycle 7.2.33207.0 release that the ability to EFILE an RC59 form has been added to the T2 module

I am not involved in T2 tax preparation but many self-employed T1 returns with a T2125 also have HST that must be dealt with. It would be helpful to be able to EFILE RC59 forms from within the T1 module.

Is this possible or coming?

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Curious, as filing RC59s for corporations is now a “log on to RAC, enter the information, get a Reference Number, print, have client sign, scan and upload back to CRA, get access next day” process.,.

There used to be an electronic process for RC59s but no more.

This new service in T2 allows you to file RC59 requests for corporations from TaxCycle, similar to what you do for T1013s in T1. It’s used for gaining online access. Instructions are here:

It all depends on what the CRA decides. We would love to add it to T1 too.

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I see that CRA has walked back on requiring the signed form to be submitted. They probably found it was too much work and they had no signature to verify against anyway.

CRA started with certifying RC59 electronic submission for corporate clients where they certify T2 software twice a year, spring and fall. T1 is certified only once a year (December-February) so we will request certification for T1 at that point, unless, of course, they allow for certifying for T1 earlier.

CRA will be doing monitoring whereby they will be making random requests for copies of the signed RC59 consent form, very much like they do for T1013. The results of their sampling will likely dictate what portion of the RC59s electronically submitted are ultimately monitored.

Is there any reason we couldn’t use the T2 module to submit the RC59 for a non corporate account?

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RC59 is not a Corporate Representation. It is a Business Number Representation Authorization request form.

CRA List of Business Number Services

*** I am confused***

**** Previously, I had understood that for ONLINE ACCESS you must use the new process. Does this mean that we have RC59 approved to file online using TaxCycle with Online Access Permissions? ****

EFile Association of Canada

Form RC59 will no longer be used to authorize ONLINE access after May 15, 2017

RC59 is no longer used for new “ONLINE” representation requests.

If you do not use the new RAC system for authorization request, you can still use the RC59 form. However you will not have online access within the 5 day time frame as you will need to mail your request into the CRA for manual processing, a much slower process.


No, unfortunately you cannot use the new T2 RC59Online service to gain access to T1 self-employed business accounts. As Allen mentioned, that will come at another time when the CRA extends the service to other modules.

@Arliss I will qualify my previous comment a bit. I have not tried it myself if creating a T2 file and entering T1 BN # and info will work with RC59Online. It could and it might…As part of the transmission data, we do transmit that it is from TaxCycle T2 module.


Well I just happen to have a new self employed client coming in this afternoon. I had the copy of the signature page ready to go but I will give the new method a whirl first. I will wait for the new release first and then report back if it works.

On another note I cannot get the date to print on the form whether the tick box is checked or not.

That should actually say “Insert date upon transmission”. If the checkbox is checked, then the date will populate upon a successful transmission. Otherwise, the date field is edit. I will correct that and fix it in a future release as I missed the code upload deadline for the patch release.


Since we need the signature first should it not insert on printing?

There are 2 new forms.

  1. RC59TransmissionConsent - This is similar to T183. Before you can efile RC59, print and have it signed and dated by your client.The date field is always edit.

  2. RC59OnlineConsent - the data on this form is transmitted to the CRA. The date field is edit or inserted upon printing. One thing to note is that the signing date on this form does not actually get submitted to the CRA. I put the field there as a reference in case the preparers would like to print this and keep a copy in the client file.

So, why are the date fields edit? Well, we made them edit in case you efile RC59 first before the client actually returns the signed copy of RC59TransmissionConsent form to the preparer or vice versa. I suppose a lot of times, you might receive the signed RC59TransmissionConsent and RC59 efiled all on the same day.


Worked nicely. Instant access.

You are correct. The existing official RC59 is only good for to gain access to client’s business accounts by phone or mail.

To get online authorization, you must efile RC59 using TaxCycle or go thru Represent_A_Client.
So, RC59 efile is quite the handy tool to have.


Very confusing and strange to have two forms. I am assuming that is the CRA’s decision. One form worked previously. One for works for the T1 side.

@Arliss Indeed, very confusing. We did let CRA know that it is confusing. It’s possible that a future RC59 will be back to a single combined form like T1013 which is good for phone, mail and online access.


I think that the combined form was confusing for the CRA staff processing the form.