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RC59 - bug?

Hi TaxCycle team,

I’m wondering if there is a bug in the latest release of the RC59 form? The “Authorization Type” drop down menu only shows None/Valid on-file/Non-online as the only 3 types of options.

I’m assuming that most users are looking for the “Firm-Online” option, but it doesn’t appear to be there?

Let me know if this isn’t an issue, and instead I need to tweak something in my options settings.

**EDIT: Just caught the fine print on the form: Is Firm-Online only available via MyBusiness account now? Lovely…

Yep, RC59 can no longer be used for online access.

for more info:

The RC59 can still be used but it gives you limited access.

Here is CRA’s message.

RC59 changes

Form RC59, Business Consent, is no longer used to grant online access. Representatives need to complete an authorization request in Represent a Client or be authorized by owners through My Business Account to gain online access. Form RC59 still grants offline access.