Authorization to Rep a Client for Business

Seems like a silly question, but I need to access a new client’s GST/Payroll BN information. He is a sole proprietor.

Do I open a new T1 return and enter SIN and BN etc. to create personal and business Authorize a rep forms then submit electronically?

Use T2,


Akhlaq Khokhar,

Yes that is the easiest way.

The AuthRepBus form is now part of the T1, T3 and T5013 modules as well. You can use it there and transmit from there to make a request from T1. Just search for AuthRepBus.

AuthRepBus - Business Authorization | TaxCycle

There are two ways to get authorization for a client. One is from Tax Cycle and other one is through Represent a Client. Since, RC59 is now added to Tax cycle, this is the easiest way to do by entering SIN/BN, get signatures & transmit.

Thank you everyone. As I only have T1 this helps. Stay Safe out There

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@tome @owais.ahmed

I have not had much luck with the new AuthRep in TaxCycle T2, because you need to be sure of the “contact name” and “contact phone number” that CRA has on file. Sometimes, also the business name that CRA has on file is not the same as the what the client uses. If any of those don’t match, the T2 AuthRep simply fails (not sure if it now tells you what is causing the failure?).

Thus, for business clients I have found it much more reliable to use RAC - the online process tells you exactly what’s in error. If it’s the contact name or phone number, it allows you to choose “a contact update is required” and then it accepts the authorization request. The downside is that you must get the signature page signed by the client, then scan it and upload it, then wait a week before you get access. Recently I heard that some practitioners are using the online process to check the client details, then using tax software to file the AuthRep after getting the “correct” info from the client.

That said, the T1 AuthRep process is similar - it may fail, but you get the CRA response in TaxCycle saying what the error is. In my experience, I have had a high proportion of business clients that don’t know who CRA has on file for a contact person, or what that phone number might be. I have not had that much difficulty with T1 clients (if the name doesn’t match CRA records, the client usually knows what else it might be…)

It appears the name in the “Certification” section needs to match exactly with CRA records.

ie. If sole prop’s registered “Business name” includes initial in name it needs to have initial in certification section as well to succeed.

Not sure if there is an easy way for you change that in the programming or not but in any event an override can be necessary in order for successful transmission.