Print Sub-sets

I email clients a number of separate PDFs when finalizing their returns. Right now the print set is:
Engagement letter (if not signed previously)
Full copy of the return

To have TaxCycle produce each as a separate PDF they each have their own print set. I’d love it if I could say "these 4 print sets make up the “EMAIL SET” and only have to check off the one box instead of 4.

I also have 3 sets for clients that I am meeting in person (depending on which printer they are going to colour or b&w), and a printset for preseason email and one for preseason mail outs, and other things… the side of the client return gets a bit crowded!


I brought up this point in the past and would also use it. As a work-around, you could create a custom field and have the relevance/condition determined by the value of the custom field. I did something like that this year but found it awkward to deal with because I always had to go change the contents of the field to get a different print set. I like the idea of the subsets because you can choose them with a click of the mouse.

Me too.

My Comments

  • Too many emails if sent directly from TaxCycle. Confuses and overwhelms clients if each page is sent separately.
  • Longer and more complex workflow if printed to pdf first. Then compose a custom email. Then manually attach each print set.


  • Is there a way to get a tabbed pdf print set of the full return?
  • Is there a way to get the CLetter to state whether it is before or after eFile?
  • Is there a way to get the T1Condensed without the Water Mark after you have eFiled. If so, then can the print to pdf state watermark, or no water mark?
  • Is there a way to get the full old paper style print set with all the worksheets to auto populate at tabbed print set. Two versions - one client A la ProFile print to pdf all used. One office with the addition of worksheets, memos, tapes, overrides, check marks, and efile history. This would be great for a detailed office copy. If possible, also print the workflow.
  • Is there a way to have multiple email text for the key print to email - Planning, Engagement, Signatures with pre-Efiled set, Invoice, Efiled set, eNOA,

We have one print set that makes an email, the rest send PDFs to a temporary folder, we then attach all the PDFs to the one email and send that. Seems to work.

But yes, I agree, only one email per client!

Yes, if you are using the template it already does that, if you aren’t find the paragraphs in the template that do and copy into your custom letter.

[quote=“dominique.dabolczi, post:3, topic:2495”] One office with the addition of worksheets, memos, tapes, overrides, check marks, and efile history. This would be great for a detailed office copy. If possible, also print the workflow.

We have a print job that sends EVERYTHING to Doxcycle, I don’t think taxcycle does tabs, but in doxcycle it is easily searchable.

Thank you for the tips! I had not thought of using Doxcycle.

If I understand you correctly you do the following:-

  1. Print individual print jobs to a WIP or TEMP folder. I really like this idea. In Profile I used one folder called PDF to house all my PDF docs. T1 2018 housed only the T1 file. T1 2018/PDF housed the pdfs.

    Q1 - Is that pdf folder under T1 2018?

  2. Print CLetter twice. Once before eFiling to ask for signature. Once after eFiling to provide eFile confirmation.

    Q2 - Do you keep both letters? Do you rename this CLetter? Right now I rename the CLetter as CLetterSig and CLetterEFile. I would prefer two templates so that I don’t have to rename the CLetter. Occasionally I forget to rename and overwrite the pdf. Then I have no way to recover the CLetterSig.

  3. You wait to email client with a single PDF print set with each email.

    Q3. How many emails do you send? What do you include in each email attachment?
    - Planning
    - ELetter
    - CLetter(sig) + T183 included full print set + invoice.

If I send the T183 as a single, flat PDF with CLetter, T183, and full print set, then some clients missed the fact that there was a T183 documents to sign. For simple returns I had previously included both the ELetter and the T183. That was really awkward for some clients. As a result I now send a separate email asking for signatures. Profile created a nice tabbed print set with tabs for each form set including the worksheet. That is the one thing that I really miss from Profile.

 Q3 cont'd
 - CLetter(efiled) 

Do you include the full print set again?

  1. Send one print job to Doxcycle with ALL forms and worksheets included.

    Q4 - When do you send the print to job to Doxcycle? When EFiled and Paid?

Thank you for sharing your procedures and for providing your advice. :slight_smile: DDF

Q1. The folder can be anywhere you want it to be. For ease of access it is not in a subfolder, but in a top level folder on the server drive so the office admin can get to it with just one click.

Q2. We beefed up the email template for the T183, and send that for signature. It has most of the CLetter in it, so the body of the email has everything that would not compromise privacy, and we attach a copy of the T1 and the T183 and the invoice. Once the T183 is returned to us we eFile and send a confirmation email that uses some of the CLetter template as a base for the email body, and attach any other deliverables we want to send them.

Q3. 3 emails
Preaseason: preseason checklist, engagement letter. Clients have to sign the Eletter and preseason checklist before we will start the job, so there are two PDFs each requiring a signature.
Signing: T1, T183, Invoice. Once the email is generated we highlight the instructions for where to sign in yellow and bold AND italics. About 1 in 10 still screw it up, but it works pretty good.
Completion: eFile receipt, receipt for payment, everything else.

Q4. At completion.

I’m on holidays, and typing on my phone, but I’ll attach templates when I get back to the office next week. :slight_smile: