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Water mark - "FILE COPY' on letters?

I am just sorting out my process and I am up to the preparing the package stage.

I have a very unsophisticated admin person and I am trying to make things as easy as possible for her ( and ultimately me!).

Once I am done my review I create two PDF’s one client copy to for them to take away and one for the required signatures that I need to keep. My admin prints those out and prepares the package.

Is there any way for a print set to show ‘FILE COPY’ or similar on ALL the documents within a print set that print out? I can do it nicely on a the tax documents, but what about the letters and the invoice – even the 2 year summary doesn’t include this.

Once you print them out you can’t tell which is which copy.

So what I would like to be able to include is on the engagement letter and invoice that I am retaining a stamp somewhere that either picks up the label from the print job or similar so it’s is distinguishable from the one I am giving to the client.


Does your printer have watermark capabilities? I have my printer set up to print ‘signature copy’ on the copies for signature, ‘client copy’ on the copies for client, etc.

That’s a great idea however I am trying to keep it simply for my admin person. She would have to know how to do it and then remember to do it.

My way is simple, it is geared by the printer settings in Taxcycle, and thus comes off the printer idiot-proof…

Just like the client copy is on nice paper, the signature copy is on cheap paper…

Seems like you first print to a PDF, to print from there to paper? Seems to me the problem is that extra, unnecessary step in your process…


If you need to get to a paper copy, you can do this… click here:

And then, depending on your printer, click here:

When you click okay and save your printer settings, TaxCycle will remember and print the watermark every time.

You may be able to get this to work if you use a 3rd party PDF tool that supports watermarking.

We do allow a DRAFT watermark – perhaps I’ll look at a few more options for next year.


~ Cameron

When I print to PDF, there isn’t any decisions about what to print. My admin just prints out whats in the folder. It is actually easier for me than trying to get her to decide what to print.

I don’t print out a full return to give to clients so thus the difference.

I wonder if there is a way to tell Adobe to add in the watermark?

Thanks for your feedback.

But that is just my point.

Why the extra step in your processes…

Why, instead of again having someone else to go and print, why not, when you approve the return, simply hit print, using the available automation in the software?

To my knowledge, the only way to add watermarks in a PDF is to do it after the PDF has been produced.

Because I am doing this late at night from home logged in remotely…

And I am trying to delegate some simple time consuming work to someone else.

I didn’t notice your comment before. It doesn’t appear that Adobe has options that are accessible from the printer setup.

I have another one I use ‘PDFCreator’ and PDFill which I can get to the options, unfortunately watermark isn’t an available one. I’ll have to see what else is out there that can do this.


I do really like the printer options that TaxCycle has, I even suggested to Caseware that they implement something similiar.

Like that will ever happen, CaseWare cannot even fix the program at the moment let alone add features that users would like.