Print sets for TaxFolder

How is everyone using print sets with TaxFolder? I normally have 2 print sets for the client - 1 has the entire T1, the other has the documents that need signing.
I sent both of these to TaxFolder and that confused the client, who thought she only had to “approve” one, which happened to be the copy of the return. I’m not actually sure why TaxFolder asked her to approve it as I didn’t tick the box saying “signatures requested”.

I’m sending the signature copy through first and once the returns have been efiled, sending the client copy through. I haven’t received any complaints from clients and they are confirming that the are getting their returns with the efile confirmation number. However, I do notice that the client copy is showing as needing to be approved in the client file until they download it.

I would love to hear how others are doing it and if there is a better/more correct way to handle this.

I am doing it the way you are so the client receives a full copy c\w confirmation of filing and a NOA.

When you do not have “Request Signatures” selected, TaxCycle will send the document as an Approval Request by default. When the client opens the document link and completes the SMS verification, they will see a button to Approve the document. Once Approved, this will trigger a notification to you a notification that the document is completed so you know they have viewed the document.

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