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Preparer address in letters

Version 3.2.25897.0

Running into the following issue with letters: The preparers address\contact information is not importing into letters on returns with single taxpayers or on the primary tax payer on returns with more then one taxpayer.

I’m sure it is something silly somewhere that I’m missing.

Cory did you check the version of the letter that is the template one is everything ok on it? if it is then you have erased a { somewhere on your version of the letter

Wish it were that easy, because then I could just go back to the default template and re-clone it; except this is happening with the default letters. Every letter is affected when on the primary taxpayer or if it is the only tax payer.

Cory check your information under option maybe something is missing in the contact and address section that where i think it is and preparer section

All the info in the options is fine. It populates the letters on taxpayers who are not the primary. When on the letter, I press F5 to go to spouse and the letter populates preparer information. F5 to go back to the primary taxpayer and the information is gone. I’m going to call Trilogy tomorrow and see what they have to say.

Have you checked that it is appearing on the Engagement worksheet for the primary taxpayer. If you happened to create or carry forward the file before completing your preparer options, then Engagement worksheet might not have all the details. If not, there will be a link at the top to update from options.

Elizabeth, that is the issue. The primary tax payer return did not carry forward that information where as the additional tax payers on the file did. I batch carry forward all the returns and it would be a bit of a hassle to go through them all to update that information. Is there an more efficient way to do this?

There isn’t a really quick way to fix this issue. You could do a new batch carry forward of any returns you haven’t touched yet. All the returns you have touched will have a review message in them, so you won’t miss the error before finishing the return.