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Joint T1Letter error

I have sent a email in with the screen shot of it showing the same confirmation number for both husband and wife could you look into tomorrow will call in the morning.

Thanks @pugs1 We’re looking into it this morning. I’ll let you know.

@pugs1 This turned to out to require a change in the TaxCycle code as well as template itself, so the fix won’t be available to until the next release. If you have cloned the template, the release notes will show you what to do to fix it. Otherwise, the built-in template will update automatically.

thank you Elizabeth any time line for the next release



what do you want to know

@pugs1 We are hoping to release before the end of the week.

Once that release is available, this what you will need to do.

If you customized the joint client letter or related snippets since we released the redesigned letters in January, you will want do a search an replace.

  • The affected templates are JLetter, LettreJ, QCJointFiling, and ProductionConjointeQC.
  • Search for instances of receipt(CurrentClient and replace them with receipt(Client.

Thank you for all your help and quick fix