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Letterhead Snippet - not including phone# or email address

I am brand new to Taxcycle and learning to customize templates. Currently, the default template includes my operating name and mailing address, but does not include the phone or email address, even though the coding appears present. Is there a simple way to remedy this issue?

Did you fill it in your option in tax cycle under contact and address


Further to @pugs1, the details come from the Engagement form, which is populated by the options that are shown above. Can you check the engagement form on the tax return to see that the fields are completed there? If these fields do not match your options you will see a review message.

If that doesn’t help, perhaps you can show us what change you have made to your template.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

Yes. I double checked all of my options settings and both email address and phone# are completed

Hello Cameron

The engagement info was not completed. I entered info in “preparer tab” and ensured info also showed on engagement. This did not help.

Then under “preparer” tab, I checked the box “use organization details”, and this fixed it.