Part F of T183

Hi there! Apologies if there’s already something in place that I’m missing, but I wonder…could that new Part F of the T183 be rigged so that if the CDE comes back showing the client as already registered for online mail that the tick mark gets moved to indicate that they are already registered, but otherwise defaults to paper notices? Sometimes a client registers during the year on their own, so would be great if the program could twig me if the choice on the T183 doesn’t match the CDE info. Thanks!


Oh Oh, Problem.

CDE had the error message, so I flipped the info screen to show that client was already registered. So then I got an error message on how the client wants to receive the notice. There is no option to leave blank or to choose that the client will download the Notice themselves.

Perhaps, rather than two questions, a single question with four options, mimicking the Part F check boxes.

I leave it blank by unchecking the receive paper notices box.
Granted I haven’t tried to e-file one this way, but TaxCycle doesn’t give me an error message because it’s blank, so I assume it would go with no problems.

I just filed with all boxes blank and it was accepted. But that was actually a big error on my part, because the client did actually want to sign up and I forgot to fill in the details because there was no review message asking me to pick one. So if the box is labeled “A selection must be made” why isn’t there a review message indicating that no selection has been made when everything is unchecked. I’m giving all my clients a choice by specifically pointing it out, but now I need something on the software side to prevent me from filing it without updating it. I have my options set to no default so that the client can be given the option, but without the review message, I’m likely to file a lot of blank part F’s over the next couple weeks.

I agree - if something is marked “must be” by CRA, there should be a review message.
I’ve sent lots in blank now…