T3 Review messages

This was my first year using Taxcycle to Efile a T3. In the past, I’ve always done them by hand and mailed in the T3Return with all the slips. I just received a phone call from CRA telling me that if line 9341 on Schedule 9 (Foreign non-business taxes paid) is over $50, then I have to send in all the supporting documentation with the return. I was unaware of this requirement and wondering why I didn’t I get some sort of review message or warning in TaxCycle? Seems simple enough for TaxCyle to pick that up. I am hoping future versions of Taxcycle T3 can be more intuitive.


I found that to be the case for any T3 other than a nil return. I think the warning came up as soon as I hit “transmit”. However, the T3 summary and slips can be efiled, if you have the client’s access code. I tried in the past to be authorized by a T1013 and was told by the trust section in Surrey, that they needed a copy of the trust document, and proof that the principal trustee had the authority to authorize me. Rather than jump through those hoops, I spend $1.94 and mail it.

I had already made the trip to the post office to mail the T1135 as apparently those can’t be Efiled with the trust, only to have to send in more documentation anyway.

I don’t recall getting any sort of warning. I have the WAC and had no issues Efiling. Actually the beneficiary’s T3 slip was updated in her account almost immediately.

I have an Alter Ego Trust with NIL income/tax and a significant amount of foreign tax paid. I received a phone call from CRA last year asking for slip copies, which I provided. Thought it was a bit odd, but on reflection, the foreign income had been reduced by allocation of some expenses, so the % looked “high”.

I try to avoid allocating expenses to foreign income where possible as I don’t want to affect the foreign tax credit. I try to put all expenses against interest/other income and that’s what I had done in this case. Not a problem sending in the slips but I had purchased TaxCycle T3 this year with the expectation that it would catch these little things.

I’m still a huge fan of TaxCycle! Especially the T1 module, having come from Cantax, but hoping the T3 gets better…

Agreed; didn’t have a choice as the only other place I had available was capital gains - and that left me with an AMT amount on a NIL return, which I didn’t like. Rock / hard place. :slight_smile:

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