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Inadvertently signing our clients up for online email?

I’ve just received this information from another Taxcycle user —

I asked TaxCycle why there was a warning message if we didn’t fill out the client email address on the T1 Info sheet.
Turns out if we put the email address in we are automatically signing the clients up for Online Mail. Last year there was an email field on the T4 slips, and there is one on the corporate return as well, so presumably they work the same way.

Is this accurate?

I’m now seeing that there is an additional checkbox that allows us to opt in or not whew

I have no idea what you are referring to? As far as I know entering your clients email is for our purpose (dealing with our clients) not an online mail system.

Can you be more specific of what you are referring to?

From : What’s new

•Online mail - When you register for online mail, you’ll have instant access to your tax records anytime, anywhere. Choose to receive an email notification that your notice of assessment or reassessment is available online. Provide us with an email address on your T1 return or register directly online starting February 2015 at

Ok, I thought she was referring to a online mail from Taxcycle. I see this now. Thanks for the heads up Sylvia and Arliss

Can we get a diagnostic added to tell us that the register for online mail has been set to “yes”

I think we need to have a diagnostic that says

“Have you received verbal or written confirmation from your client to all CRA to contact them by email”

If we answer no to that prompt then the question is left blank on the return. If you say yes then you are directed to the yes or no reply to the question on the jacket.

My nickel’s worth

There is a question on the right side of the Filing section of the Info form.
"Register client for online mail from CRA?"
It is defaulted to No.
If you answer Yes, then the email address entered in the Contact section will appear on the T183 and on the T1 jacket. If no email address is entered, then another message will appear on the email address field.

Do you see a need for another message as suggested above?
As I understand it, the only online mail CRA will send to a client this year is their Notice of assessment. The client has to register for My Account to be able to view it.

Two things

  1. SO, having the email address in the contact section does not transmit it unless you check yes? Correct?

  2. The carry-forward of ProFile files is not picking up the email address


  1. The easy way to tell if the email address is going to CRA is if it appears on the T1 jacket. That’s where we pull it from when building the electronic record. We copy the email address to the jacket when you answer “Yes” to the “sign up for email” question on the Info form.

  2. The carry-forward of email address is working for a ProFile 2013 T1 to a TaxCycle 2014 T1… I tried it with one of my files. Do you have a sample file that illustrates the problem so that we can investigate further?

Best regards,

~ Cameron