Workflow issues Efile & T183


I’m very new to the administrative side of TaxCycle. I did try searching for my issue, but didn’t find anything. I apologize if this is a common issue that comes up too often or if I’ve put this in the wrong category.

The first issue I’m having is the message that comes up for the T1 Efile. I know that system is down for actually transmitting, but the file should show as being ready. However, the message I see is that we need to review the exclusions list and must paper file. We can’t find anything that excludes this file.

Trying to trouble shoot this, I thought maybe the T183 was the problem. To start with, it is not coming up for printing in the Transmit tab at all. I went to the workflow options to see if it had been disabled somehow, but I don’t even see T183 on the workflow list. It does indicate on the T183 help page that the signature confirmation transmission should be the default. I don’t know how I could have changed that and have no clue where to look from here.

I have had no issues transmitting T1013s, so I’m assuming this isn’t somehow related to our efile username/password entry, which I’ve checked and are correct. We just got the efile number this year, so don’t need to renew it.

Thank you for any insight on where I should go from here.


Edited to add: We are a new tax prep business in Canada

It will say this as you cannot efile any return right now as of February 24 you will not see this happen

Thank you,

So, “not eligible” with the expanded message to “review the exclusions” is what they are doing during this downtime instead of having a status of ready to transmit? For the T1013, you could try to transmit, you just failed and got an error.

I didn’t think the T183 would be affected by this. Either way, it should still be in transmit tab shouldn’t it?

ETA: When I look at other files, the efile transmit message is just to resolve outstanding issues (because they are incomplete), but nothing about having to paperfile due to exclusions.

the 1013 for 2019 can not be file until i think February 10 till tonight you can use the 2018 1013 .

Hi Marcia,

In the next release (early February) you will see the following message in T1 if EFILE eligible:


In the meantime, you can still print the T183 if you navigate to the form (F4 to open Search and type T183), right-click on the form and select Print.

When EFILE re-opens, the option to print the T183 from the Transmit window will be restored.


This is a bit of a change from prior years, where in preparing some returns early in the season before EFILE re-opens we were able to still have print sets populate with the T183. It definitely makes things a little more difficult.

Thanks for the help everyone. I really appreciate it!

(I did know I could still print the T183. I was just visualizing the transmit page wrong. I thought it was an item of its own like the T1013 or the PAD, which made me think it was missing and I had 2 problems :flushed: )

It also makes the client letter a bit more difficult when the return is ultimately going to be Efiled. I personally preferred it the way it was in previous years.