Paperless office - How are you managing your client invoices

Et al,

Yes, we are using the taxcycle billing package.

Presently, we are scanning the invoices after posting and storing them in folders.

What are others doing, this process is rather cumbersome. The billing software we use for our other work creates and names the pdf for us automatically.

Love to hear what others are doing



If the invoice number was available as one of the PDF naming variables, would that help you?

~ Cameron


Yes, the invoice number being one variable, the date of invoice/printing, would also help.

[Using textexpander, currently, I rename the pdf, then I have hazel move the invoice to the appropriate folder.

Textexpander, by smile software is available on both the mac and pc platforms. While Hazel is a mac only app.]


Mark I just have a copy that is printed with the t183 when the customer pays for there tax return.

Yes, that is how it is done now, then it is scanned. The client is handed a complete T1 Jacket along with supporting schedules and an invoice.

I dont want to change that, I just want to stop having to scan and shred the invoice, in keeping with our paperless goals.


Mark you have a copy in the file of the client

so I don’t see where you need to copy it


This response is totally nonsense and professionally insulting!