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Alternate Printing Options

Not sure i can explain this; however, a nice feature would be to have the ability to designate print jobs to react to a “paperless option” when printing.

For example, I am printing a T2

My office is paperless; however, most of my clients are not. I have three print jobs that I run, client copy, the T183 by itself so it collates separately, and the office copy. The first two are defaulted as print and the third as a PDF print.

This works fine for my “paper clients”; however, I need to manually change the two print jobs to adobe if the client is paperless as well. If we could define the print jobs to allow for an alternate printer with the click of a check box between the print jobs and the forms on the print screen (or some other solution). Therefore, I can define the first two print jobs with an alternate printer which is adobe and the have no alternate for the last. So when i click the paperless printer option check box, the first two print jobs automatically change to my alternate printer which is adobe and the third print job that is adobe does not change .

Hope this makes sense

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James, the way I approach this, is that I have a ‘print’ set, and a ‘PDF set’ for the same documents. I select one for print clients, and the other for paperless clients, and it automatically goes to a ‘client copy’ folder on my harddrive.

Now would be really nifty if we could designate clients as paperless, and that based on that option, Taxcycle could select the proper printset(s).

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I tried that; however, now you have doubled your print jobs to maintain. I know there are lots of ways to handle it; however, I am suggesting a more streamlined solution.