This is the time of year we should be making suggestions!

Instead of basically only harassing the TaxCycle crew when we are crazy busy and they are paddling upstream as fast as they can as well, how about some suggestions now?

I’d like to see a client upload portal built into the software that could utilize TaxCycle and DoxCycle’s already powerful engines to streamline and enhance productivity.

I have detailed plans, I’ll be back


I agree. We sent a list to them early May right after our wind up meeting so everything was fresh in our minds. Most items were small things from a user perspective.


Great idea Norm. I, like many others, suggested some improvements and frustrations during the “crazy” times.

I’d like to see improvements in the filters that can be created in the Client Manager. I’d like to see an easier to use template editor. I’m not sure if the current use of HTML really works well. Also, a document that lists the variables that can be accessed other than the field codes would be appreciated.

I like the ability in the print sets to use variables in determining where to save the printed PDF file and how it is named. I’d like to be able to use the path where the linked DoxCycle file is stored. I’m sure that variable must exist. I like to print all my files for a client (T1 copy, forms for signature, etc) to the same folder as my DoxCycle file but not necessarily TO my DoxCycle file.

Speaking of print sets, one niggly thing that frustrated me was moving a form within a print set. Once you grab the form and start to move it up or down more than a few spaces, the screen moves at supersonic speed making it a bit difficult to place it in the right spot.

With DoxCycle, I’d like to see markup improvements and see it move more towards products like PDFlyer. I’d like to be able to set DoxCycle to only display folders that have items in them. I found the drag & drop in DoxCycle was difficult to use. Obviously, I’d like to see it recognize more documents. I would use DoxCycle more with these changes but as is, it’s not a necessary part of my T1 workflow.

For the T3 program, I’d like to be able to access the year that the estate/trust was created so I can create a paragraph in the letter that warns the trustees of an up-coming 21 year anniversary.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the T1 program this year. My suggestions are more related to the companion products (DoxCycle, client manager, and template editor). I’m looking forward to hearing other suggestions.


I don’t know the best way to handle this, but it would nice if there was a way to either create a 2015 DoxCycle file now or have a way of selecting certain items in a DoxCycle file to carry forward.

The former is probably easier than the latter, but the latter would probably be more useful overall.

Where I see this being useful is for NOAs being received now. A lot of our clients bring them in at this time of year and there is information on them we may want for next year. At this point we are adding them to the 2014 DoxCylce file. That means we will need to open that next year to ensure there isn’t anything we need from it. If we could put it in a 2015 file now, that would save time.

If we were able to set things to roll forward into the 2015 DoxCycle file from the 2014 file that would be nice for NOAs, but also for certain schedules we prepare that apply to more than one year (amortization schedules, for example). That process could also be used for things like medical receipts and donations that clients sometimes include in advance, or where donations are being accumulated and carried forward.

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One more on the wish list. The biggest thing I miss from Profile is the ability to use the SDK to build an Excel file that imports information into the tax program. I used to use this to import capital gains and dividend information into the T1 and T2 programs.

With the additional information required for the T1135 and with a few clients who have voluminous trades on the stock market, it would be a god-send to be able to take the client’s information, which is already in Excel format, and import it into TaxCycle.


I would like the option of hiding unused lines on certain worksheets, like the 5-year comparative for example.

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I sent this directly to Taxcycle; however, i figured that I would post here for comments as well;

Scanning and recognizing the boxes on slips for a basic return works relatively ok; however, once the return
gets more complicated, Doxcycle has issues.

If I have many T3 slips that include the detailed summary, tax cycle places this information all over the
place. I then have to spend my time reorganizing the slips and summaries to they are together.

It is almost like you need a basic scan, “moderate” scan, and “advance” scan options

Let me explain, a basic scan would be exactly what we are doing now, place everything in the scanner and hit
scan, many practitioners would be ok with this,

The “moderate” scan would provide a popup box before the scan takes place allowing you to choose in the
most efficient manner the type of source document that we are dealing with and allow you to define the issuer. We also need a box for account number added since I can have several CIBC T3 slips with many account numbers. The
account numbers would need to import to Taxcycle as well. having this type of import would eliminate when you import a ten page document and then have to go and fix the order of the import because Doxcycle decided that the 5th
page of the will was a donation slip because the person requested that the estate donate 10,000 to a charity. It would also eliminate me going to go to each page to add the issuer if I want it;

The “advanced” scan is a little harder to explain. There needs to be a process to scan and define on the
go. For instance, I should be able to define several scan options like the print options in Taxcycle, Depending on the client I am dealing with, I would select the option most suited.

The scan option have Doxcycle ask for each document in the order (either spouses/children together or
not depending on settings) set in the scan option template (default would be the T1 source documents), For example, if my template is T3, T4, Donations then Medical, Doxcycle would ask me for the T3 slips, then it would ask for the T4
slips, donations, then the medical slips in order with me having to click continue, a no slip button, or skip taxpayer button to continue the import;

The nice thing about this is, when I have finished the T3 slips indicated in my example, you have several options to enhance this.

For example, after the T3 slips were scanned, you could show us each of the slips imported on a pop up screen
showing the numbers ocr’d. the preparer could then verify the slips at that time ensure that the name was copied correctly and add an account number etc . You could use the same format as Taxcycle input screen with
the pdf beside it. You could also define the slip you want to match in Taxcycle at that time to allow for a batch post to Taxcycle;

therefore, I can correct the errors on the T3 slips before I go onto the T4 slips under the above.

The advanced scan would reduce the number of scanned documents being placed in the wrong category since we
would be feeding them to the program in the order asked for. It would also allow firms do define the process for using Doxcycle for return preparation.

I hope this makes sense. I know that this is likely a pie in the sky request, but hey it cannot hurt to

Some more issues/suggestions with Doxcycle

  1. You need to find a way to ignore the second slip on a page when doing your ocr  and the

second slip is the same.

  1. Same thing with importing a CPP slip, Doxcycle keeps adding boxes down in the slip notes area.

  2. Imports to Taxcycle need all the information, medical slips need taxpayer if you want it, and date;

  3. If you do not know what box to use on import since there is an option, have it defined in Doxcycle;
  4. If I change the source document  type and there was a slip box associated with the old

source that does not apply to the new source, please delete the boxes (maybe a confirmation would be in order);

  1. Linking of Doxcycle to other modules other than T1;
  2.  Maybe add a confirm signature and scan T183/T1135/T1013 to doxcycle option in Taxcycle T1 to save the clicks to open and scan the T183/T1135/T1013 after filing;
  3.  Still need aDoxcycle rollover for slips I receive early for next year’s T1

preparation. A good example of these would be Donations, medical,
purchase documents, cpp death benefit, OAS and regular CPP slips that are
received early. When you roll the Taxcycle file, the Doxcycle file should
roll as well carrying forward the slips you want carried forward. (Mentioned above already)

  1.  It would be nice if we could search the documents like ocr’s pdf files;
  2. Still need to ocr the year on the slips;

  3. Nice if there was some way to define a scan of a slip as amended

  4. Ability to edit the issuer drop down options

I know it is a long laundry list, but as mentioned early, one can dream can’t he.


Just to clarify on the “advanced” scan for slips (all source documents), I should be able to define each type of slip individually or have an “all:” T slip option as well or better yet, the ability to group T1 source documents together so the group is scanned at the same time rather than individually.