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Built in Payment Portal for Credit and Debit Cards

Have you considered building a shopping cart into the T1 module to allow us to invoice and accept payments from our clients?

I’m thinking along the lines of an agreement with Moneris or PayPal or some provider to be convinced that this is a growth area with a pretty stable clientele. TaxCycle could make a few %points on the bulk, we could insure our own portion against loss to protect TaxCycle and our front office staff can handle the invoice distribution

I know, dreaming in technicolour again


It’s good to dream in technicolour!

One way to solve this would be for TaxCycle to export a completed invoice to Freshbooks. Freshbooks can then send the invoice to your client and accept payment on your behalf, and put the money straight into your account. Might that work?

As a side note, Moneris and Paypal are hard to work with. is much better!

~ Cameron

I really want to stay away from Freshbooks unless it can also post the payment direct to my existing QuickBooks accounts receivable

How about exporting to QuickBooks direct or even better direct to Stripe. Possible?


We export directly to QuickBooks desktop already. Are you using QB desktop or QB online?

As for Stripe, it’s just a payment framework, and doesn’t really do invoicing.

Online invoicing is it’s own project. Freshbooks, Wave, QB, are already spending $millions every year in that space, which is outside our core competency… another way of saying that we would rather partner than build something from the ground up.

~ Cameron

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Do you have a webinar that gives full details of the QuickBooks export.

We are desktop only. QBOnline is garbage

@Cameron, I am glad to hear that you will be focusing on the core competency rather than trying to build a mammoth application. I think one of the things we see in the posts here is that each firm has a slightly different way of doing things and what works for one will not necessarily work for another.

I am strongly in favour of your position to make the Developer API available so that others can do some of the work of integrating their apps with TaxCycle. (Clearly QuickBooks is an unlikely partner, but it sounds like you have already taken care of that.)

I would suggest that some of the people who want TaxCycle to integrate with other apps they are using should contact the developers of those apps as well as asking when TaxCycle will do the integration.


I would suggest that when you stop dreaming you should apply for a job at CRA.

I don’t think Cameron needs to be congratulated for focusing on the core code. He always has and always will. He is one of the most focused and advanced developers in the industry

TaxCycle has asked us for things we would like to see and I intend to continue suggesting things. If it bothers you, turn off the feed of my suggestions


We had a few customers use the QB integration last year, but we didn’t write much online documentation. Jocelyne is going to put something together in the next week or so and we’ll send you the link.

~ Cameron

How about Sage 50 integration Cameron? or integration with Caseware time?

As for credit Cards, we do not get much call for them; however, we did use the square this year and it worked very well on my iphone

Have you looked at this one Cameron?

This one does have an invoicing feature in it which I have not really investigated


You mentioned , One way to solve this would be for TaxCycle to export a completed invoice to Fresh books.
When would this become an option? Thanks Tracey C.