How to get Invoice Number to Automatically Display on Invoice?

Under “Options—> Invoicing” I have set the “Next Invoice Number”. When I go to the “Billing Worksheet” in a T1 Return neither the Invoice Number or Invoice date automatically populate. From what I have read, it seems the blank Date Area is deliberate. Even though the date is blank on the Billing Worksheet it actually shows up on the Client Invoice. From what I understand in my reading, typing an actual Date into the Date area of the Billing Worksheet actually locks the invoice… cool.

So… when I go to view the actual Clinvoice the date does display there (even if left blank in the Billing Worksheet), but the invoice number does not display on the invoice. If I manually type the invoice number into Taxcycle’s Billing Worksheet then the Invoice number displays on the Invoice.

Do you need to manually put the invoice number in the Billing Worksheet of every invoice? I’m assuming not…so there must be another setting that I need to make other than in Options–Invoicing—>Next invoice number. Unfortunately, I can’t find this setting.

The date and invoice number activate once you have printed out the tax return if this helps.

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Thanks! That absolutely worked.

I was trying to set up a custom invoice template and using the “Print Form” for testing. None of the invoices I was printing had the invoice number on them. As soon as I followed your advice and printed the actual tax return the invoice number magically appeared.

Another mystery solved… :slight_smile:

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