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PAD - Not interested

Could there either be a default for new files or a check box on the info page (or both) for the “not interested” box on the PAD section of the T183?

Not indicated anywhere I can see. I have successfully efiled several returns with the PAD part blank

Will keep phoning my efile help desk


Will look at info page


@matthew - You can turn off the PAD review message and you can also remove PAD from the transmission workflow. Is that sufficient?

@Cameron, that could work except that the result of that checkbox flows into the client letter. If we know that the client isn’t interested, we don’t normally want it mentioned in the client letter.

Why not just edit the client letter template to remove the offending part?

Mostly because there may be times that we want it. The point of having conditions in the templates is to not have to make it an all or nothing situation. Leaving it in with an easy default would be more convenient.

Okay. Leave it with me. I’ve got a few priorities I need to deal with first but we may be able to wedge this one in.

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No worries, it isn’t urgent, but if I don’t mention it when I think of it, I will forget :wink:

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@matthew – There’s a new option in today’s release…


Thanks @Cameron. I was just reading the release notes and appreciating the quick work you guys have managed on a number of items.

PAD… ugh… i must have missed something…

client owes and he is not interested in PAD…
getting review message that taxpayer not in in PAD does not match default… BUT
In options I have clicked on "the taxpayer does not wish to use PAD’

why is box in Part G T183,… not checked… .do i have to manually do this for each client who owes

The defaults are set when you carry forward or create the file. So for new files you create you won’t have to do this.

If you never use PAD, you can turn it off in workflow and disable the review message:

And turn off all the review messages:


Awesome Thank you very much… Another reason to Love Taxcycle… so many options to fit everyones needs

Why am I getting a PAD sign off when the balance is zero or a refund? In cases like that, it is N/A. No sign off should be required.