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Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

Not a biggie but it would be nice to have a one click option to decline the PAD.

AGREED. Not covered by my insurance!

Under Transmission | Workflow, uncheck the “Can Transmit” box next to the Pre authorized Debit transmission type.

You’ll still see this review message:

T183: The client’s return has a balance due. Does the client want you to send a [Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) authorization] to the CRA to pay this balance?

… but you can disable it.

There’s also a quickfix on the review message to decline PAD for individual clients.

Is more flexibility required?

~ Cameron

I must have missed the quick fix. That is all I need.

I realized this had been brought up before. Duh on me. However I don’t think it is working like before. Can you double check?


In the latest build, it is a warning, so it can be both signed off and disabled.

Or have I misunderstood the question?

~ Cameron

Double duh. Somehow that had become unchecked for me.