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Online mail from CRA

I submitted a T1013 for a client, I have since efiled the return and it has been assessed. I logged into “Represent a Client” for this client today for another matter and there was a message with the Notice of Assessment. I had checked the “No” box for “Register xxx for online mail from CRA”. Will my client still receive the NoA via Canada Post?

Personally, I would like a review message that tells me if the online mail option is set to yes.

Despite the CRA campaign to get me to sign my clients up, I am not convinced it is in their best interest yet.


New optional review message coming in the next release…

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I agree with james, I think its an awful idea to register email address. In the past year there has been a noticeable increase in phishing scams and this will just serve to confuse people more as to what is a legitimate email or not.

Steve - your client will still get the NoA via snail mail. All mail is now being uploaded to the taxpayers file as CRA goes “paperless”.

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