T183 Delivery of the NOA

We are constantly getting an issue with the T183 Delivery of the notice of assessment (NOA) where it asks how the client would like to receive their NOA. We have defaulted to client receiving the NOA thru Canada Post… However if the client is signed up for Online Mail we get a diagnostic saying that he cannot recieve his NOA thru Canada post. If we change it to “Allow preparer to receive in provide a copy” we get a notice saying it doesnot match the default

Can there be an option here that says client receives NOA thru online mail and the preparer will get it off RAC if and when they need it.

I do know I can just turn off these diagnostics but these one just seems logical that if the client is signed up for online mail they do not need to use ExpressNOA.

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I agree. I have the issue.

If your client has registered online mail, NOA is exclusively received via his/her online CRA account. Preparer will not receive a copy but can access it on client’s CRA account.

Does that preclude the tax preparer from receiving the Express NoA?

Currently, TaxCycle does not preclude ticking of the first box in Part F and the third box in Part F. That would suggest to me that the client can get an electronic copy of the NoA and the tax preparer can also get an electronic copy of the NoA.

I would like to be notified when the NoA is processed so that I can obtain a copy at the same time that my client is notified without always having to go to the RaC to check which clients have had NoA issued.

@clpcca You are correct. The client can be signed up for online mail AND you can also collect it by Express NOA.

@richard @jmvca Okay. I see what you mean. Some of these review messages were suggested by CRA when we went through the certification process. So, I I need to talk it over with my colleagues and see what is possible in this case.

Select “Already Registered” AFTER clearing the How does *** want to receive… question.
Review messages go away

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