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Getting out of online mail for T1 Clients

Does anyone know the procedure to opt out of online mail with CRA?

Opt out of online mail for you as a representative or for a client?

I don’t have any clients signed up for online mail, but I found this in the My Account services;
Looks as easy as going into Manage online Mail and cancelling, but likely more complicated.

Viewing Your Online Mail

My Account is the only place to view your online mail. To view your online mail:

Register for / log in to My Account at
Access notices of assessment or reassessment (and future items) from the "Welcome Page". On that page, you can view and print correspondence items.
Select "Manage online mail", to update an email address or **cancel online mail**. 

That means the client actually has to login to the system. I was hoping we could cancel it as their representative.

I have a client that has been registered for online mail. I did not register them when I filed last years tax return so I am at a loss in respect to how they signed up. It would be nice if CRA would allow us to cancel the registration when filing the return

Once you’ve signed up I wouldn’t think they would want to make it very easy to cancel.

In the words of Don Henley;
“You can checkout any time you like but you can never leave.”

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Checked online on my own account, and there is no provision to either change your email, or to cancel online mail…

Do not see a ‘manage mail’ tab…

In Represent a Client:
Access your client > Manage Online Mail > Remove email addresses (or Remove account from online mail)
Follow the 3 steps and you’re done
Simple as that :slight_smile:

@dklassencga I do no see a manage online mail link through represent a client.

Can you provide a screen shot of where it is? Are you logged in as the representative or as the client?

I’m in my Represent a client
Access the client you want to opt out of online mail
See screenshot below.

@dklassencga I’m pretty sure James is talking about opting out of online mail for T1 clients.

When you log into your Represent a Client account for an individual there is no such option to manage a client’s online mail.

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Only a client can change the mail setting for them self.

That is what I figured.

Which I guess I would have known if I’d read the entire header… Forehead smack!

I updated the header to include the T1 so you did not miss it; however, I did have it in the T1 section which a little more obscure that I was referring to T1