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T1013 for new clients

Anyone else having issues with CRA after sending the T1013 for new clients? I don’t have access and this is the message that I get …and yes we did fill out level “2” and asked for :
Online access by a business (Eligible for T1013 EFILE)
TaxCycle message after a “Successful Transmission” :
Thank you for using the e-submission service. Your submission has been accepted and will be processed shortly. Here is your confirmation number: 20189P3NT2. Please retain it for your record. Please ensure to retain a copy of the signed and dated Form T1013 in your files. Do not send us the T1013 by mail or fax unless requested to do so. Prior to being updated as a representative, the authorization(s) must adhere to CRA policies and procedures. Once the online authorization has been processed, you can view your client’s name in your client list via the Represent a Client online service. Questions regarding the processing of the authorization should be directed to Individual Income Tax Enquiries at 1-800-959-8281.

Looks pretty normal.

Yes, but I don’t have access.

yup. lots of those

I have experienced that on occasion where it must be a problem on CRA end. Sometime later they show up. A call to electronic services department, if it still exists, might be in order.

Sometimes they don’t grant you immediate access, also if the person has a c/o under his name it will not be granted until the taxpayer calls CRA to confirm

I had one that said I will only have access after the tax return is filed. This was for a first time filer.

Different messages in those cases. Paul’s message appears to be the standard message given when access is usually immediate. Hence his post.

Try to get access again in 1-2 hours. Maybe they are backlogging a bit.

I usually get access by the next day for that situation.

Haven’t it come up this year but IIRC there can be a delay if you are using a “care of” address for the client.