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OAS slips and AFR - tax does not import

I thought I was seeing things, but this has now happened a few times:

Open Taxpayer, pull down AFR, go to Import, do so…then go to OAS slip.
CRA/AFR shows box 18 as 7,121.31 and box 22 as {any amount > 0}. Box 18 imports, but Box 22 does not…it’s yellow and has the usual “slip doesn’t match AFR values” dialog.

So then “Use values from AFR”…now the amounts show in both boxes BUT Box 18 shows as *7,121.31 (overridden). Hit {F2} on the override and it clears and replaces the amount in blue, as usual.

Now that I’m aware of it I check whenever pulling OAS from AFR, but it seems peculiar that the pull fails…anyone else seeing the same thing?

Oh - doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a first-timer for OAS or a repeat recipient.