AFR Changes

In the last release we’ve made some changes to AFR based on suggestions here AFR and slips Dont match? and here: Merging AFR data with prior year

I’m anxious to hear if we’ve solved the bulk of the AFR issues. If there are other suggestions, we still have a little time to make more refinements.

Thanks in advance for any help.


~ Cameron

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Is there an alternate process for AFR? I have authorization for myself and via another accountant who I am taking over for. I get an error because of the dual authorizations.

Is there another way to do the auto fill? I don’t want to get her to remove me just yet as some of the clients I don’t have direct authorization just yet.


I think this is outside of our control… I would try contacting the CRA, but perhaps another forum participant has another suggestion…


~ Cameron

I will, I thought I would check here first just in case there was another way.

The response here is much faster :slight_smile:

Seems to do the trick. I see as you aggregate to a T3 the totals accumulate as you go until hopefully you have a match. Works for me.

Is there any way to set an AFR option to not import AFR data to current? Right now the box is always checked. I prefer it not update current, as it then provides a TC warning that current is different than AFR (very helpful when the tax return is missing a physical slip).

We still have our RAC account from before incorporation and haven’t updated all our T1013’s yet.

~ Cameron
I have some emails from February 2014 where TaxCycle updated the RAC access so a user could select which RAC account to use to access client information. I know the new AFR has replaced the older access but couldn’t this fix be implemented with the new AFR?