AFR - does not match the AFR values

This message should not take into accounts fields such as the ROC carryforward on T3 slips, and the ACB on T5008 slips.

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@BertMulderCGA –

Just to make sure we are looking at this the same way, can you please propose the box numbers you would like to exclude from this message?

~ Cameron

While we are at it, on our system, it seems that Box 28 on the T4 slips never match the AFR values even when they are blank from AFR and the DoxCycle import.

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T5008 box 20
T3 box 42 prior year and cumulative

I agree with Bert on the 2 items he has suggested.
On the T3 slip Box 42 - prior years and Box 42 - cumulative
On the T5008, Box 20 - ACB (because hardly any of the issuers bother to put an amount in this box)

You do have an excellent “yellow warning” on the T5008 Box 20 - ACB IF Box 21 has a value in it but Box 20 is 0.00

My personal preference would be for Box 20 (ACB) to be located below Box 21 (Proceeds), as I have mistakenly put ACB amounts in the “Outlays box” before realizing something didn’t seem right.

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Taxable Dividends,
Boxes 32 and 50 on a T3 slip as well as Boxes 11 and 25 on a T5 slip

It seems that many Mutual Fund companies aren’t exact with their math on the dividend Gross Up. On many occasions, I find the taxable dividends on the T3 and T5 slips are out by a few pennies from what Taxcycle accurately calculates. If the Grossed up Dividend is out by a penny, Taxcycle gives you a yellow AFR mismatch warning.
Now I’m not suggesting that you should get rid of the warning on these fields (that are purely calculated), but perhaps a few cent tolerance could be built into those fields. Of course, if you think about it, what would you do if the AFR amount for Actual Dividends was the same but the amount for Taxable Dividends was materially different? You’d have to assume the slip was wrong and go with Taxcycle, as that is a calculated field.

I am not sure that the calculated cells need to be checked at all.

I am getting the Yellow (Does not match the AFR values) nag on a T3 with a current year Cost Base Adjustment, but no Prior Year cost base adjustments. The nag is in the 3rd box 42 that says “cumulative”. Obviously the slip would not have a “cumulative cost base adjustment box” but it looks like Taxcycle is flagging because it is putting the current year cost base adjustment in as cumulative and does not see a cumulative value on the imported slip. I had to sign off on this.

Other things I think I noticed…

Did you fix the “Does not match the AFR values” on the T5008 slips (box 20 - ACB) on one of the latest updates? I swear I had a couple over the last few days that did not import an ACB through AFR and Taxcycle no longer gave me the yellow warning the slip didn’t match the AFR values. If so, thanks for doing this! If you haven’t messed with this yet then I guess it’s my imagination or those cyber gremlins again.