AFR data window not displaying amounts in the T1 return

I was just double checking AFR data import on the T1 return I’m currently reviewing, and noticed that the amounts that are actually already in the return aren’t being reflected properly in the AFR window.

Ex, per AFR it looks like there’s missing data that hasn’t been imported:


But the data is already in the return:


Any one else seeing this? Or am I missing something? I often double check AFR data imports, especially for our new preparer’s returns when there is T3 slip reconciling done.

I noticed that matching T3’s, that the capital gains field was blank…

This should have been addressed in our release yesterday.

Can you check if you have the latest? If not, can you e-Courier us the file so I can investigate further please?

I know I am not on the latest release, besides, I noticed this a few days ago.

Just updated to the latest release and this appears to be working great now, thanks!