Notification Service Status: Disconnected

Not sure if I have a problem.


This little message is displaying on any files I have open. I have not saw this before.

Anyone else? Just wondering if it is related to the new release or if it is just me.

Me too…can’t send any DocuSign requests for signature from TaxCycle.

if you hover over the icon it says Notification Service is Disconnected click to reconnect. worked for me.


Tried that earlier and didn’t work – but now it does --thanks

I was to dumb to read I guess. Thanks for pointing that out.

We had an outage for about 25 minutes at that time.

We’re learning…

My files keep disconnecting and clicking on the red icon won’t reconnect. It seems to disconnect and reconnect on its own. Any suggestions?

Our service was down for 5 minutes at the time you note.

We are working on improving the reliability so it never happens.

All the developers at TaxCycle get an email whenever the service is down, so you don’t normally need to report it here unless there is a sustained outage for more than 30 minutes or so!


I can’t seem to connect today, is there anything I can do?

I see your working on it, thanks