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Is anyone else having issues staying connected to Docu-Sign?

It’s been a hit or miss thing today. Nothing like the red icon at the bottom of the tax cycle screen indicted no connection. So manually pushing files out this afternoon.

Just wonder as when it works it seems very good.

I am stuck on the red icon now as well. It worked a few times earlier today but now I am unable to connect to DocuSign

@martin Just noticed a news bulletin on Tax Cycle that there is an outage with DocuSign service

Yes. I just pushed a couple through but it’s not consistent.

Back up and running now. Quick work Team TaxCycle

Today I am unable to “Connect to DocuSign”.

Could this be the cause.

If you are on a trial license and you’ve sent lots of envelopes, you will be cut off, an you will need to purchase a license.

If that is not the case, please try a connection and send us your log file and we will investigate.