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Suggestions for 2014 T1 / DoxCycle


I just went through the process of re-doing a T1 that was completed at tax time using our previous software. This was the first T1 I have done using TaxCycle and DoxCycle. Below are my suggestions. I don’t know if any or all of these have already been addressed for 2014, but thought I would provide my input. (Using version 3.024606.0 of TaxCycle and 3.1.23743.0 of DoxCycle).

When creating new returns:

  • Could there be an option to use the same email address and home phone number for the spouse (similar to the option for address)? While some spouses may have different email addresses, we usually only get one per couple. Usually, they have the same home phone number, too.

  • When creating a new return for a spouse or a dependent from the principal’s return, could you have an option to use the same options for language, pre/post assessment, Elections Canada, etc. as the principal (these may be different that the defaults set in Options and in that case would save some time)?

  • When creating a new return for a dependent, could you use the relationship to the dependent to guess at the gender? Most Daughters would be female, for example, so if the gender on the new return for a dependent daughter could default to female it would save a click.

  • can you add the ability to split carrying charges on Schedule 4 between spouses based on a percentage? This would need to be done for each line item in the carrying charges section, though.


  • Could you add the ability to add boxes (for extracting) to the following slips: Capital gains summary (Date of disp, number of shares, proceeds, ACB, outlays) and T2202 (for Boxes A, B & C)? Those are the two that I came across, there may be more that would benefit from similar treatment.

  • Can you update the boxes that are added to medical to include the option to add the date as well the amount?

  • can you add a page up/down or next/prior to more easily navigate through the imported information?

  • when clicking an item in the sidebar of DoxCycle, TaxCycle syncs to the appropriate form. But the same does not seem to happen when scrolling through either the sidebar or scrolling through the pages. Can an option be added have TaxCycle sync with DoxCycle regardless of the method used to navigate through DoxCycle?

  • on a similar note, can there be an option in TaxCycle to have DoxCycle sync to the appropriate slip (if there is one) when we navigate through TaxCycle?


One additional items for DoxCycle: Could there be a separate file location for each year?

Thanks for all your suggestions


  • Another client had also requested the sharing of email/phone - we will add this in for this season
  • I have logged the options sharing idea for dependant and spouse returns, as this would involve additions and adjustments to the options this is something we would look at next season
  • The gender question is really only needed for those filing QC returns. We were thinking of conditionally displaying this for those only filing QC returns.
  • I have added in a record for the Schedule 4 splitting idea…likely this would also come next season.


  • T2202 should already have the ability to show Boxes A, B or C when adding a data extraction box to the form. The capital gains may be a bit more tricky as there is disparity in the types of gains reported on Schedule 3, many types require unique fields…we are evaluating doing some kind of import eventually from a capital gains worksheet in excel format for example as many seem to store that data in spreadsheets.
  • The medical date box should be added in an upcoming beta release along with the page up/down request.
  • We are working on the syncing functionality areas you mentioned…hopefully to be available in a release later this year.
  • Saving files in a separate file location is an existing suggestion we have on our list to implement as time permits.

~ Rob