Name of preparer on T1 Jacket, T2125, T776, etc

I’m putting this as a T1 issue, but we’ve been working around it on T4 and T5 too (it was the representative field on the summary form for them), and it creeps in a few place on the T2 too.

On the T1 we seem to have a problem getting the right preparer and contact information in the right field. Ultimately, we want to know internally which member of our team has prepared the return - but that’s internally only. For CRA and the client perspective, we want the return to be shown as prepared by the firm, or at least by the partner.

For illustration, say Sue Smith is the preparer at Johnson & Co CPAs, where the principal is Joe Johnson CPA, CA.

  • In the Contact and Address options, I got the Johnson & Co on the address portion, with Joe Johnson’s email and phone number in the contact portion of the same options window.

  • In the Preparer options, I got Sue Smith’s name, credential and initials in the preparer details section, Johnson & Co in the representative details section, and the “Use Organization contact details” box ticked in the contact section at the bottom so that it defaults back to the Contact and Address inputs above.

Now if I go to the bottom of the T1 as it currently stands, box 490 would say “Sue Smith, Johnson & Co CPAs”. I would rather it says either “Johnson & Co CPAs”, or “Joe Johnson, CPA, CA”, or (worse case cause it’s a bit long) “Joe Johnson, CPA, CA, Johnson & Co CPAs”. But Sue may or may not have contact with the client, and Joe may or may not want him (that’s right, he’s a boy named Sue) to get contacted by CRA directly (because he may be temporary staff, or too junior), so we don’t want his name anywhere.

The same applies to the “name and address of person or firm preparing this form” at the top the T1135, T2125, T776, T2121, T2042 and T1ADJ (not an exhaustive list, I might be missing some forms).

Interestingly enough, the T183, RC59 and T1013 are all pulling “Johnson & Co CPAs”, which is great.

The T1135 on the T2 has the same issue; not sure about the T2ADJ.

Check out this topic:


You can control what shows on the T1 jacket by completing the highlighted field in options below:

As for the business statements on T1, we show both the preparer name and the firm name, because there is space on the form. I’m amenable to changes, but would like to here from other members of the community as well.

I’m reluctant to change this mid season, as changes create variance messages on locked files. However, I’m flexible if everyone agrees.

~ Cameron

Further note: I’ve just updated the 2016 T1135 to use the “Preparer or Firm name for CRA forms”, which was missed when we made the changes earlier this year. Business forms are unchanged for now.

Thanks for the clarification. I’m realizing that I was working on prior year returns for T1ADJ, but the 2016 T1 is fine on the jacket. Thanks for updating the T1135 too.

It would still be great to have the same default on T2125, T776, T2042, T2121, T1ADJ, etc.